Undergraduate Students

Jad Aboulhosn

Title: Undergraduate Student Assistant, Biology - School of Natural Science

HIVE Lab Undergraduate Manager

Jad Aboulhosn is a fourth-year Human Biology undergraduate. His work focuses heavily on software and systems design for the HIVE Lab. He designs Virtual Reality environments in Unity that are reconstructed from aerial drone flights, and focuses heavily on the hardware systems that power them too. He hopes to graduate and pursue a future in biomedical engineering and creating new solutions to long-standing medical problems.

"Let him that would move the world first move himself.” 


Graham Baird

Graham Baird photoTitle: Undergraduate Student Assistant, Computer Science - Engineering,  School of Engineering

HIVE Lab Undergraduate Manager

Graham Baird is a fourth-year Computer Science and Engineering student. He has helped with the development of this website. Looking forward to the evelopment of World Heritage Lab, Graham is excited about the opportunities to experience and work with Virtual Reality Realization equipment.


"It's amazing how diverse the opportunities are with World Heritage! It was quite a surprise to find the people working with my virtual reality passion outside of the Engineering programs!"


Neeru Basanti

Title: Undergraduate Student Assistant, Pyschology - School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts

Neeru Basanti is a fourth-year Psychology undergraduate. Neeru transferred to UC Merced in Spring of 2017, with a heart full of desires of what she wanted to accomplish at UC Merced. As of now, Neeru is a DARTS Scholar and an active member of Psychology Club member transitioning into Psi Chi. Neeru's academic goal is to pursue a Ph.D in Pediatric Neuropsychology.

What truly inspired Neeru to apply and become part of the HIVE team was the previous course she took, which was Advanced Methods of Digital Heritage with Dr. Nicola Lercari. After the course, Neeru wanted: to further explore digital humanities, to understand how to work in professional laboratory setting, and to make new connections with friends and faculty.


Moataz Dahabra

Title: Undergraduate Student Assistant, Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering

Moataz Dahabra is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Cognitive Science who is interested in utilizing analytical engineering methods to analyze, visualize, and simulate heritage data. Specific involvement includes thermal image data processing & other various technical projects that relate to engineering, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and development.


Stephanie Gamboa

Stephanie is a Public Health major with minors in History and Political Science. After studying abroad, Stephanie took an interest in history. Currently she is working on the John Muir geo tourism project where she is excited to conduct historical research. The project was of her particular interest because it involves nature. Stephanie is environmentally conscious, therefore it was exciting to be part of a lab project that documents changes in the land and brings attention to nature. It is Stephanie's goal to pursue a PH.D in Public Health.  

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”
― Theodore Roosevelt


Estrella Garcia

Title: Undergraduate Student Assistant, Anthropology and World Heritage - School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts

Estrella is a fourth-year Anthropology major with a focus in Mesoamerican archaeology and a World Heritage minor. After her first field season, where she learned the different applications of GIS in archaeological field work, she became inspired by the use of technology for preservation. Eager to learn more she began to work in the HIVE lab as an undergraduate student assistant lending a helping hand in different projects, learning something new with each task, and building new friendships with lab personnel.

“With our rapidly evolving technology and methodologies, archaeological work can easily be accessible to not only fellow researchers but more importantly the local communities.”


Brendan Geck

Title: Undergraduate Student Assistant, Computer Science - Engineering,  School of Engineering

Brendan is a third year CSE major.
One day he hopes to combine his passions of game development and machine learning to create never before seen video games.




Jack Flynn

Title: Undergraduate Student AssistantAnthropology - School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts

John (Jack) Flynn is a graduate from UC Merced in anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology and digital conservation/preservation. He has spent time conducting archaeological survey in Belize, and now performs terrestrial laser scanning and historic research for the HiVE lab.

After his time working in the world heritage department, Jack aspires to work in cultural resource management or archaeology in one of California's many national or state parks so he can combine his passions for anthropology and the outdoors.


Joshua Jones

Title: Undergraduate Student Assistant, Computer Science - Engineering,  School of Engineering


Justin Nguyen

Title: Undergraduate Student Assistant, Computer Science - Engineering,  School of Engineering

Justin Nguyen is a former undergraduate Computer Science and Engineering student.   He is involved with the Bodie project.  From his employment, Justin is excited about exploring different outlooks involving computer science with the World Heritage Lab. 




Former Undergraduate Students

Andreas Anderson

Title: Former Undergraduate Student Assistant, Computer Science - Engineering,  School of Engineering - Period 2016-2017