Bodie 3D Project

We are pleased to announce that the project Bodie Digital Community - Connect with your Past has been awarded a CITRIS Seed Grant.

Laser scans of the New Standard Hoist building at Bodie

The heritage site of Bodie is a popular California State Historic Park that encompasses 2,900-acre landscape of historic buildings, objects, California Natives archaeological remains, and landforms associated with mining-related activities. Bodie is at risk of being lost due to wildfires and lack of funding for conservation.

Having the capacity to call public attention to critical social issues and build constituencies, mobile apps and social media are a potential solution to this problem.

The project aims to design and develop an augmented reality application for mobile devices created in collaboration with California State Parks. This app promotes public engagement in heritage preservation, fosters connection among visitors, and generates useful data that improve the management and preservation of California natural and cultural resources.

Project's Principal Investigators:

Lead PI: Nicola Lercari, Assistant Professor of World Heritage, UC Merced

Co-PI: Marcelo Kallmann, Associate Professor of Computer Science, UC Merced

Co-PI: Arnav Jhala, Associate Professor of Computer Science, UC Santa Cruz

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