Bodie 3D Project

Project Principal Investigator: Nicola Lercari, Ph.D.

Project Members: Jad Aboulhosn, Hailey Huerd, Gregory Mellos

Project Manager: Elizabeth Prather (California State Parks) 

Project Staff: Denise Jaffke, Kathleen Kennedy (California State Parks)

Project Description:

Bodie is a popular California State Historic Park that encompasses 2,900-acre landscape of historic buildings, objects, California Natives archaeological remains, and landforms associated with mining-related activities. Bodie is at risk of being lost due to wildfires and lack of funding for conservation.

Developing interactive digital material for important cultural sites enabled by 3D documentation provides possibilities for new models of engagement, particularly with younger generations and underserved communities who don’t regularly visit parks. This project uses the cutting-edge digital documentation work being carried out at Bodie to develop augmented reality experiences and interactive online materials with rich narrative histories of the site and its people. Building off of the Google Trekker experience, visitors will delve into the stories behind the features and objects as they virtually explore the site. This is a proof of concept pilot project that samples and tests the concept.

This project expands on a partnership with UC Merced to co-create digital documentation of Bodie’s historic properties and the National Park Service’s support in updating the park’s National Historic Landmark documentation.

Specifically the project will:

    • Research and create online materials that help reveal the personal stories of the site’s history
    • Use digital documentation to enable in-depth, online visitors’ exploration of Bodie

Develop guidelines for replicating the process at other State Park NHL sites.

Laser scans of the New Standard Hoist building at Bodie