Symposium on Virtual Reality and Visualization for Interdisciplinary Research

July 25, 2015
The Symposium on Virtual Reality and Visualization for Interdisciplinary Research was a great event that the World Heritage program sponsored.
The event had speakers including:
  • Mark Aldenderfer, the Dean of SSHA
  • Michael Spivey, Associate Dean of SSHA - Cognitive Sci
  • Holley Moyes, SSHA Associate Professor
  • Regis Kopper, a Director at Duke in charge of their Immersive Virtual Reality Program, DiVE
  • Thomas DeFanti and Thomas Levi, two long time Immersive Virtual Reality implementer at UC San Diego
  • Ruth Mostern, an associate professor with UC Merced


Since UC Merced was looking for the best way to set up our own Virtual Reality Lab, the discussion mainly dealt with the best way to implement immersive virtual reality in an academic setting. Options like a CAVE setting seen at Duke, where the reality is displayed in an enclosed room, or large portable screens, shown at UC San Diego, were explored.


Talks also dealt with the usefulness in having the ability to interact with simulations, and the audience heard from many SSHA professors at UC Merced and the resource it would prove for future students in all fields.


Many videos were shown demonstrating the benefits of immersive virtual environments.