World Heritage Fellowship

World Heritage Research Experience (WHERE) Program – AY 2015-16

The goal of the World Heritage Research Experience (WHERE) program is to create research opportunities for undergraduate students by linking them with teams of graduate students and faculty members carrying out applied research in the field of natural and cultural heritage studies.

Activities that will engage WHERE participants include crafting digital maps and historical atlases of interesting heritage places, creating 3-D visualizations and reconstructions of ancient cities and monuments, designing virtual exhibits and museums, and developing virtual and augmented reality projects related to heritage tourism and interpretation. Over a period of two semesters and one summer term, undergraduates in the program will learn a variety of high-demand skills and employable talents in government, business and academic sectors.

WHERE welcomes applicants from any major or area of study with an interest in natural and/or cultural heritage. The program engages participants in collaborative approaches across a variety of disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, geoscience and information technology. It builds on the capacities of digital humanities methods and information and computer science tools to tell fascinating stories about natural heritage — and on the cultural legacy of the human past and how it is reflected today in places, landscapes and intangible aspects of our cultures.

The WHERE program is funded by the UC Merced World Heritage program in collaboration with the university's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC). Learn more at