UCM World Heritage Vision

World Heriage focuses on the natural heritage and cultural legacy of the human past, and how it is reflected today in places, landscapes, and intangible aspects of our cultures, including traditions, oral histories, song, music, dance, drama, skills, cuisine, crafts, and festivals.  Valuing heritage as a process, the Heritage Studies perspective stimulates students to develop a critical understanding of heritage, to investigate the conservation, protection, and management of natural and cultural resources, and to analyze both institutional and multi-vocal approaches to the study of past and present cultures.

Conservation, preservation, management and outreach related to cultural and natural heritage are fundamental aspects of the program. A specific focus of World Heritage at UC Merced is on studying and mapping monuments, buildings and cultural and natural sites and landscapes with Remote Sensing, 3D visualization technologies, and Geographic Information Systems. Students may minor in World Heritage to strengthen their skills in the interpretation, documentation and management of places with an emphasis in either cultural or natural attributes.  The program prepares students for heritage careers in cultural and historical preservation, cultural and natural resource management, global policies on heritage, heritage tourism or a combination of such disciplinary approaches, through both the undergraduate minor, and M.A. and Ph.D. programs in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group (IHGG).