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World Heritage is an emerging interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary area that includes architecture, history, archaeology, art history, geography, anthropology, management, law, and other disciplines. Faculty members in this field brings together the humanities, social sciences, policy, and management, consistent with the interdisciplinary intent of the World Cultures group within the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. UC Merced, the first 21st century research university, is the ideal place for creating an innovative program like World Heritage because it is able to use a multidisciplinary approach to develop advanced forms of learning, research and communication.

The key features of the technology-oriented group allow students to create a new discipline and develop innovative skill sets for jobs in the humanities, cultural resource management (CRM), economics, computer science, education and other fields. Students will learn how geographic information systems, 3D landscapes, 3D documentation, laser scanning and, virtual reality of can be applied to learning, teaching and research.


Students in World Heritage learn about:

  • Interpreting and evaluating the value and importance of historic sites and culture
  • The variation and transformation of history and geography, which shows how heritage changes
  • Managing and preserving heritage sites, such as parks, museums, archives and, libraries
  • Communicating heritage through different digital technologies and media
  • How heritage influences culture and how culture influences heritage